Behind the Scenes

Traceability and sustainability for us is key as a lot of companies claim to be sustainable and truthfully they are not, with us we love to be able to give you an insight to where the materials used are sourced from so you know that your supporting a truly sustainable and transparent company. All Manafacturing takes Place in the USA.


Every Car seatbelt is hand cut from old cars sitting in car scrapyards that are waiting to be crushed, Alchemy Goods take these and turn them into straps on products like the Haversack Satchel, Pike Messenger 

Bike innertubes,are sourced from collection bins in bike shops, they are then sorted by hand into different thickness depending on which product they are used for, the Brooklyn Messenger has innertubes on the exterior of the bag making it extremely unique in appearance.

Advertising Banners, Recovered from Company Events with of course the Companies Permission,these are turned into some really unique Products such as the Bellevue Wallet and also Pannier Bags there are more products as well that you will find.

Handmade items?Every item is handcut and hand sewn together, One reason why we check every item before being shipped to ensure you receive an item that exceeds our rigourous standards,just one reason why we have had no returns to date, should it not surpass our standards, a new one is made and the one we inspected get sent back to be corrected making no impact at all in a landfill Site.