Recycling Program


It is not required for you to send us material in order to purchase any item, this is only if you wish to. 

Individuals Looking to Upcycle Their:
Bike Tubes (No Slime or Thorn Resistant tubes, or Tires)

Climbing Ropes

Wetsuits (No Booties, gloves or hoods)

for shipping instructions

We would much rather you get a full life out of your materials before we help upcycle it.
If it is a bike tube or tent consider patching it. However, if it is really worn out or dangerous to use we want to help give it that second life.

*If there is little to no material left due to heavy use or it is in a state of tatters, we may be unable to use it so please check if it can be used prior to sending it in.

Please send a picture of your materials (if they are not bike tubes) to  and we will let you know if we can take and use your materials!

In return for sending still useful materials to us, you will receive a discount code for new gear via email, so please be sure to include your email when sending in materials to be upcycled.

Companies Looking to Upcycle Their:

Vinyl Advertising Banners


Event tents

Factory Scraps - nylon 600d - 1000d*

Grain Bags

Old Brand Materials

Please email us with subject as BUSINESS MATERIALS to and our team will be in contact.