Green Guru Gear

The Story Behind Green Guru Gear.

Founded in 2005, Green Guru Gear repurposes old outdoor gear that would otherwise end up in landfill to create new gear that’s built for adventuring. Every item built by Green Guru Gear started out as something else - from Bike Tubes to Wetsuits, even old billboard materials.

By keeping these materials from going to landfill, we can enjoy nature while adventuring with a good conscience.To date, Green Guru Gear has upcycled over One Million pounds of Bike Tubes, Climbing Ropes, Tents and Wetsuits into new Gear.

They acquire products from “Recycling Stations” where local Bike and Outdoor shops offer incentives for customers to donate their old gear before purchasing new ones. Companies like Patagonia, REI, Sea World and other organisations donate their left-over materials, defective gear or old Bike Tubes to help Green Guru build new gear.