FAQ - Alchemy Goods


General Questions:

 1) Why doesn't my item look exactly the same as the picture on the website?

Since our products are made from reclaimed materials, each of our products is unique. Some products will have markings from the inner tubes that end up on the outside of the bag. We think this is a great way to highlight the reclaimed nature of our products and show your commitment to upcycling and sustainability.


2) Are Alchemy Goods' products durable?


Durable? Weather-Resistant?

Inner tubes are very resilient and durable materials. Your Alchemy Goods bag or accessory will last for years.


3) Are Alchemy Goods' products waterproof?


Good question. We don’t seal the seams of our bags. In very extreme conditions, it is possible for some water to leak into the outer compartments of the bag or through the stitching, so we don’t market them as being waterproof. Do not jump in a pool or the ocean, but other than that you will be covered from the elements whether it's hailing, snowing, misting, or raining hard.


Our waxed line is fully weather resistant to keep you looking composed even in nasty weather. 


4) Do your bags contain PVC or other toxic elements?


Our bags contain no PVC. As far as other toxic elements, everything we use is considered safe under the FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Guidelines. 


5) What size bag do I need for my laptop?


Our messenger bags and backpacks will accommodate a number of different laptops. As memory goes up and computer size goes down there may be a number of additional devices that fit into our bags.

In general, the Pike will fit up to a 15” laptop and the Dravus or the Urban up to a 17” laptop. Thicker laptops are usually harder to fit than slimmer models. You can see the actual dimensions for each bag on our website; you can look up (or measure) your laptop and compare.

The bag will accommodate slightly wider items, but a little depth capacity is lost as a consequence. Other laptop capable products include The Madison, The Jefferson, and The Brooklyn. The Haversack and Pine will accommodate a 10” device like an iPad or Tablet. 


6) What’s a T-Strap?


On a few of our messenger bag styles that are intended for more active use, we include anchors for a T-Strap. This is an additional load stabilizing strap that runs from the main strap down to the corner of the bag. It prevents it from walking around to the front of your body when riding and stabilizes larger and heavier loads. The T-Strap is  available as an add-on item for the Pike and Haversack, which include the anchor points needed to mount a T-Strap.


7) What size belt do I need?


Please see the following sizing chart and measurement instructions. If you are giving a belt as a gift, you can measure the length of another belt that you know fits the recipient.

Ballard Lengths (from buckle to end) - 
24 = 34 L x 1.5 H x .15 D in.
28 = 38.5 L x 1.5 H x .15 D in. 
32 = 42 L x 1.5 H x .15 D in. 
36 = 47 L x 1.5 H x .15 D in. 
40 = 50.5 L x 1.5 H x .15 D in. 
44 = 55 L x 1.5 H x .15 D in. 


8) How do I change the belt buckle on my belt?


The Ballard Belt has a changeable buckle. You simply unsnap the belt on the back side, slide the keeper and the buckle off, and replace it with the new one. The keeper fits in between the two snaps and is held in place there. Please email us if your belt keeper has broken and we can send out a replacement.

The Delridge Belt has a Clamp style, Slider buckle that can be replaced by pulling up in the tooth plate or the small loop on the end of the belt. 


9) Where can I find your products near me?



Neesh Stores is the only Business that has Alchemy Goods and Green Guru Gear Throughtou Europe.