About Us

Who are we?

Neesh Stores is a UK based company that provide premium quality items, built by hand using reclaimed materials in order to help stop landfill waste and make you feel good about what you purchase. Founded in 2018 and established in 2019, We are a unique company in what we sell and have an ethos of driving change using our profits, and providing excellent customer service. 

Why the Name Neesh Stores?

That is a good question. Neesh comes from a word play on Niche - based upon the unique items we sell. We have two exclusive brands (Found on our Store Page) which are unavailable anywhere else in Europe meaning that your buying experience is unique. All our items are created from repurposed materials for the eco-conscious individual, and each product is slightly different in appearance. Our original end goal was physical stores dotted around Europe, however due to the disruption of Covid we plan over the next 5 years to create pop up stores where you can use our app to visit us. 

Why buy from a company you have never heard of?

Every brand was new at some point, we understand this, so we want to explain why you can trust us. To date, we’ve had sales across 13 countries in Europe in under 2 years - with zero returns, something we’re proud to say. All our products are created to help stop landfill and all our staff are here to help provide you with the best shopping experience. Our live chat or phoneline are available from 9am - 9pm Monday through Sunday.

Our standards are high to try and ensure that your emails are answered within 30 minutes as we know how frustrating it is not getting a response.

Sustainability is key for us, how sustainable are we?

Sustainability is probably the most over-used word in the last year.

Our Answer to this:

Sustainability for us is our Company DNA from the way we ship by planting trees to the sourcing of the materials used in the products we sell. Furthermore both partnered brands we work with are B Corp Certified. We align everything to be as close to B Corp by being as transparent as possible and delivering excellent customer service. We undergo the B Corp Assessment regularly to always improve and drive change with our company.

All items are stocked within the UK and every product is unique to you.

Welcome to Neesh Stores.