About Alchemy Goods

The Story Behind Alchemy Goods.

The year is 2003 and a guy called Eli Reich was riding his bike when he had his messenger bag stolen from him. He was devastated by this and needed a replacement, fast. On his travels back home he thought about what could he use to make a new bag, and after a few hours of thinking he came up with the idea of utilising the old bike innertube and a car seatbelt he had laying around. He built his new bag using a sewing machine and used it for a while, then built more and sold 6 to his friends after they asked about it - he called it the Pike Messenger. Alchemy Goods was born. The Pike Messenger is Reich’s original creation and you can purchase the updated version of the same bag today.

The reason Alchemy Goods continues to use bike innertube today is because 1 Billion of them end up in landfill every year. The burning of old bike innertube and other discarded materials that otherwise can’t be recycled is devastating to our planet. These materials are given a second life, and a chance to add to their original story.

Fast forward to today and Alchemy Goods is a 20+ employee strong company dedicated to one thing - preventing landfill waste by hand making durable and modern products for the eco-concious individual. Made for life.

The Company is also B Corp Certified - Click Here to Find out about B Corp