Who is Green Guru Gear?

Who is Green Guru Gear?

Green Guru Gear is the ultimate in outdoor and cycling gear that made from old outdoor gear and other tough materials... all upcycled.  Made in the United States and founded in 2005 Green Guru Gear has been upcycling old outdoor gear that would otherwise end up in landfills or just discarded.

The toughness of the items made by Green Guru Gear is exceptional and when it comes to style and looking good it cannot be beaten. When you buy a Green Guru Gear backpack, bicycle frame bag or even a Sixer 6-Pack Beer holder not only are you looking good with a cool new brand but you are saving the planet. 

What is Green Guru Gear Made From?

Green Guru Gear is exclusively available from Neesh Stores in the UK and Europe.  The high-quality outdoor gear is made from discarded and upcycled old outdoor items that include:

  • Wetsuits
  • Innertubes
  • Billboard Material
  • Clothing and Baggage

You won’t find a more eco-friendly product that looks as good or supports the planet as well.

The Basic Upcycle Process


Green Guru Gear has a very simple and very effective Upcycle model.  Materials are collected from various recycling stations and many cycle or outdoor stores incentivise customers to donate old gear when purchasing new. Manufacturers of outdoor products such as Outward Bound donate waste and leftover materials or defective items and these are upcycled into amazing Green Guru Gear Products. With the upcycled products available from Neesh Stores you are guaranteed high quality because the materials used in the manufacturing process are of the same quality as the best manufacturers in the world.

The Best Gear for Outdoor Lovers

For anyone in the UK or Europe who loves the outdoors, cares about the environment and wants to look stylish Green Guru Gear from Neesh Stores is a winner.  The range of outdoor items, saddlebags and backpacks is one of the best you will find designed with cyclists, hikers, campers and anyone who demands strong bags in mind.

Green Guru Gear and Neesh Stores

Green Guru Gear is relatively new in the UK and Europe market and Neesh Stores was established as the exclusive European Headquarters  the Brand. Established in 2019  Neesh Stores has a firm foundation and good understanding of the impressive outdoor range and is working alongside the manufacturer in the United States to deliver more products as well as exclusive or bespoke made items to the ultimate outdoor enthusiast.To give you an understanding of just how good these products are Neesh Stores has had sales in 14 Countries with 0 Returns or Exchanges. Branded and custom handmade items can be supplied, simply contact Neesh Stores using the Contact us Page or Live Chat.





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