Alchemy Goods: The Best Urban Gear Made Greener than Green

Alchemy Goods:  The Best Urban Gear Made Greener than Green

When you think of alchemy you probably think of crackpot wizards in medieval times attempting to turn lead into gold.  Turning something of little or no value into something of real worth and value with no real effort is something mankind has strived for since the dawn of time. 

Worthless to Valuable

Alchemy Goods are masters at taking something of little or no value and converting it into items of worth and value.  Modern-day alchemists, they turn everyday unwanted materials into bags and accessories that catch the eye, turn heads and make a person look cool. By upcycling, a variety of everyday materials such as seatbelts, bicycle innertubes, billboard signs and other materials that would other just be thrown into landfill sites,  Alchemy Goods manufactures stylish street items and accessories.

Recycled Bags

When a person thinks of recycled bags they think of supermarket carrier bags. Alchemy Goods, exclusive to Neesh Stores, supplies high quality, super tough bags quite literally made from recycled, upcycled to the use the term correctly, materials. The mind boggles at the exceptional quality of the bags, backpacks, wallets and belts in a truly exclusive collection.  Made to designer standards knowing that you are using a product from Alchemy Goods you not only look good but feel good.  Saving the planet by looking cool has never been so easy.

Who is Alchemy Goods

Based in Seattle and founded in 2004, Alchemy Goods was established out of necessity by Eli Reich when his messenger bag was stolen. Having hunted around for the ideal bag and failed he found a pile of innertubes and wondered if he could make his own. Settling down at an old sewing machine it turned out that he could and the very first Alchemy Goods product was created.  Of course, it did not take long before others wanted a similar bag and a business was founded.

Green, Trendy and Value for Money

To date, 500,000 innertubes have been upcycled along with other products that do not really decompose. The range of quality items made from upcycled materials has grown from simple bags to backpacks, wallets, belts and more. The products just keep selling and customers soon realise their value for money because the products look great and seem almost indestructible. The materials used in the production process are designed to be strong and lightweight and with creativity, alchemy products are simply amazing.

Neesh Stores

Alchemy Goods products are exclusive to Neesh Stores in the UK and Europe. Established in 2019  Neesh Stores has a firm foundation and good understanding of the exceptional Alchemy Goods range and works alongside the manufacturer in the United States to deliver more products as well as exclusive or bespoke made items to the streetwise, stylish individual who cares about the environment.  Branded and custom made items can be supplied, simply contact Neesh Stores ar


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